Hedge Trimmer

Stable Power Output , High Efficiency Gear Case ,
Sharp Blade , Best Working Efficiency.
For accurate trimming and a clean cut it is essential to employ reliable machines that combine power with manoeuvrability and ease of use. HIACE hedge trimmers feature high-performance 2-stroke engine and top-quality blades that ensure a clean cut, indispensable for an aesthetically-pleasing result and protection of plant health. With user comfort always foremost in its thoughts, HIACE has equipped its hedge trimmers with light-weight, powerful, and robust: just what you need to confidently tackle all types of hedge, no matter how tough or dense. Featuring high-quality blades and gearboxes to guarantee consistent long-term efficiency, maximum productivity and minimum effort.
  • Ignition Coil with speed limiter, mechanical output remains constant at any engine speed. Ignition advance facilitates starting and favors low fuel consumption.
  • High density Non-Woven Cloth Air Filter prevents the dirt or dust from being entered into the cylinder, to guarantee longer engine life.
  • Professional grade Aluminum gear case, drive linkage with pinion carried in ball bearings and rods with rollers, combining to guarantee long life, low noise and minimal vibration.
  • Grease-able gear case for easy maintenance and durable life.
  • High quality steel blades guarantee optimum results even on the thickest and toughest hedges. Adjustable, so as to adapt to any operating situation.
  • Laser-cut, double-reciprocating blades for long-lasting sharpness ensure a cleaning and precise cut that will not damage vegetation. Equipped with adjustment system for adaptability to any type of foliage.
  • Hedge Trimmer handle damper minimizes the vibrations from the handle to operator.
  • Double-Edged blade model with special design throttle lever, maximum convenience in any operating position, even close to walls.