Brush Cutter

Stable Power Output , Wide Selections of Operating Shaft ,
Correct Cutting Tool , Best Working Efficiency.
You might need to trim borders, tidy your garden or clear areas overgrown with untended vegetation: for each one of these tasks you can always find just the right HIACE brush cutter with the technical specifications best suited to the job in hand. To satisfy and exceed the requirement of customers is our consistent aim. We offer 9 series of HIACE engines which can be fit with shoulder type shaft, or knapsack frame to be the right brush cutter for your clearing applications ranging from rough grass, thickets, or shrubs to dense undergrowth. Our shoulder type brush cutter can be equipped with a bicycle-style “U”- handle for long time operating. If you need light-weight design, we also offer D handle for you. Knapsack brush cutter is the best trimmer for working on steep or sloping ground and cleaning ditches, banks and undergrowth. We also offer different throttle options for your operating requirement. For many type of trimmers, the most complicated question is how to choose the suitable engine source. For grass cutting and trimming jobs, a brush cutter of between 25 to 40 c.c. displacement will be enough. More demanding tasks on uneven ground should be performed using more powerful brush cutters of between 40 and 60 c.c. displacement.
  • Engine can be tilted through 360°: runs smoothly in any position.
  • Ideal knapsack brush cutter for working on steep or sloping ground and cleaning ditches, banks and undergrowth.
  • Transmission with self-lubricating bearings designed to minimize vibrations for greater operator comfort.
  • Aluminum pipe and steel drive shaft: combination guaranteeing maximum power transmission and minimal vibration.
  • Lightweight and compact bevel gear drive reduces weight at the gear case,making the machine easier to handle and position.
  • New bevel drive attached by way of M10 male thread: improved strength and simpler removal / replacement of cutting tool
  • Adjustable anti-vibration system allows adaptation of ergonomic machine features (handles, harness) to any height and build of operator.
  • Broad choice of cutting tools for different cutting areas and different kinds of vegetation.