Knapsack Power Sprayer

Stable Power Output , Continuous Output Pressure ,
Correct Spray Jet or Nozzle , Best Working Efficiency.
Ideal for targeted and selective treatments: thanks to the convenient pressure and atomization controls, the machine can direct the spray just where it is needed, avoiding unnecessary waste and ensuring plants and crops are not damaged. The knapsack power sprayer which can be assembled with 20-35 c.c. engines equip with a convenient knob to precisely match the flow pressure to the type of use. High resistance to stress, even when working lengthy stints and operating in hostile conditions: the perfect machine for the most demanding operator.
  • The pump with chrome piston offer excellent wear-resisting and extended service life.
  • The pump features a convenient knob allows accurate pressure regulation to suit desired use. The maximum operating pressure is 35 Kg/cm3.
  • Whole series Tanks are blow molding by high tension plastic material which add UV inhibitors, and are marked in liters.
  • Frame with soft, generously proportioned cushion; broad straps in breathable material.
  • Wide range of nozzles available with multiple jets for wider coverage.
  • Handy manual adjustment of spray droplet direction. (FT-305、FT-306)
  • Handy manual adjustment of spray droplet sprinkling way from a jet to sector. (FT-101、FT-102、FT-103、FT-104、FT-109)
  • Broad choice of jets with from 1 to 5 holes for differentiated treatments on large surface area crops or in situations in which different atomization levels or pressures are required.